Phoenix Bird Tattoo Designs: Symbols of Rebirth and Resurrection

Amazing feminine phoenix tattoo design on girl's arm.In the world of tattooing, there are only very few favorites, and one of them is phoenix bird tattoo designs.  Are you aware about their origin, and their symbolic meanings?  In this article, you’ll learn why these tat designs have become a favorite of tat enthusiasts for many years.  In mythology, it is believed that the Phoenix is a kind of creature that lives again for many years after rising from its own ashes.

The name Phoenix has itself come from the Greek term “red” which is the color of fire as universally known.  As bird of fire, it is widely used to represent an individual’s zest for life and inner fire.  The trend for phoenix tattoos began its way in the tattooing industry some years back, and has risen in popularity over the years.  It serves as a great symbol for rebirth and rise from the dead through its own ashes.

People who had too many sufferings in life, but were able to overcome them later utilize these phoenix bird tattoo ideas to remind them of their great survival.  Their images are not so difficult to draw, and they are usually created in bright and brilliant colors to represent life.  In making a unique phoenix design, tat artists normally use the different interpretations of tat enthusiasts.

You can even personalize your image to emphasize the emotion that is contained in your heart.  If you want to come-up with a great tattoo idea to be incorporated in your tat design, all you have to do is inform your tat artist how you want your image to look like so he can make the best one for you.  A famous legend tells that the phoenix is the creature that did not violate eating of the forbidden fruit in the paradise.

Fantastic and awesome phoenix tattoo embedded on Japanese girl's body.

So, when it burned itself on fire, it rose from its own ashes after 3 days, and lived again for many years.  This famous scene is popularly depicted in many phoenix bird tattoo designs that are embedded in a lot of tat aficionados.  Another meaning of this tattoo is the rising of the sun and its setting, but in general, it’s widely accepted to symbolize the resurrection in life.

Although its emergence as a popular design is not fully documented, many people strongly believe that the phoenix design has originated in the Far East.  In this part of the globe, a lot of men have the habit of embedding a phoenix image on their arms, and the women opt to print it on their belly or lower back.  On the other hand, there are some people who believe that phoenix bird tattoo designs symbolize evil, and the pagans used the phoenix image to worship Satan.

Incredible cool phoenix tattoo design at the short hair girl's upper back.

However, based on the highly-popularized Harry Potter series, this bird has been portrayed as the creation that possesses healing powers being associated with resurrection in life.  In the ancient Rome, the phoenix was minted on the Roman coin with the belief that this can ensure the continuity of the Roman Empire.  Whatever meaning these phoenix bird tattoo designs have, they will always remain popular in the field of tattooing.