Owl Tattoo Designs that Symbolize Mystery and Spirituality

An owl standing on the trunk tattoo design on man's arm.When tattoo lovers think of embedding owl tattoo designs on their bodies, the first thing that comes to their minds is wisdom.  However, many people are not aware that owls also represent spirituality and psychic energy.  Because of the deep meaning that owls are associated with, a wide variety of owl tattoos are available for you to choose from.

In its actual form, this creature is beautiful and unique that can represent various artistic designs.  Based on a website that deals with animal symbolism of individuals, the owl deeply symbolizes mystery, knowledge and wisdom that is applicable in a person’s life.  Many people prefer the kind of owl tattoos that exude a cute appearance.

Their big, round eyes, as well as their stocky, short stature make them the primary choice as owl tattoo designs for the skin.  These wide selections of designs are usually made-up of rainbow colors.  The wings of the owl are colored differently from its row of feathers. The color of its talons and beak is bright orange, while its lashed eyes that appear to be heavy-lidded are colored purple, blue and green.

A cute and special cartoon owl tattoo design on arm.

Some people want to have a detailed tattoo of an owl that shows a realistic profile of this amazing winged creature.  However, these kinds of tattoos may take some time to accomplish for a tat artist since he has to be meticulous in incorporating every feather and the detailed characteristics of an owl.  But if you’re serious in obtaining this type of tattoo, then, get a tat artist that is expert in making portraits.

Incredible owl tattoo design on man's left arm.

Also, he should be able to create tattoos that are greatly inspired by nature.  If he has the ability to perform these things, then, you can get started in getting the best owl tattoo design that meets your taste.  It could be an image of an owl resting on the branch of a tree or one which is in full flight.  In fact, you can have an owl design that is inspired by an abstract tat design.

A large and gorgeous owl with heart tattoo on woman's body.

You can ask the tat artist to create the image of an owl with jagged lines representing tribal tats or you can use sweeping lines that swirl.  This kind of design can have dual meaning since the owl is a type of creature that is revered by the Native Americans, Celtic and Egyptians.  One unique design that you can make is an owl’s image combined with a quote or a phrase that relates to the belief that this bird is a guardian creature.

Simple black tribal owl tattoo design at upper back.

You have the option to create your owl tattoo design to make it look powerful and fierce.  You can also portray the owl as a wide-eyed and adorable creature, especially if you incorporate your image with some cartoon trimmings.  In some creative cartoons, the owl is portrayed as a cute creature with more rounded and wider eyes.  Use bright colors to make your design more vibrant in appearance.

One good thing with an owl tattoo design is that you can accomplish it on a smaller scale, and it could be done with less visibility on your skin.