Hummingbird Tattoo Meanings

Hummingbird with name and flower tattoo design on woman's calf.Hummingbird Tattoo Meanings Admired by Many Girls…

Tattoo lovers who decide to embed a type of bird tattoo on their body usually know the hummingbird tattoo meaning attached to it.  They know that a hummingbird tattoo is delicate kind of feminine tattoo.  While this tattoo has no relevant traditional meaning except for legends, it’s still a perfect choice to be added to your existing tattoos or for neophytes.

So, why do many people prefer to add this tattoo on their bodies?  In answering this question, it makes sense to know some fairy tales that talk about amazing stories about the hummingbird, as well as in the mythology.  Among the American Indians that dwelled in the region of Great Basin in America named Northern Paiute, hummingbirds are considered as birds with peculiar character.

A flying hummingbird with flower and musical symbol tattoos on girl's shoulder blade.

For girls, hummingbird tattoo is one of their popular choices not only because of its great hummingbird tattoo meaning, but also because of its cute appearance.  These small creatures with multi-colored feathers are very wholesome birds which are opposite the savage eagles.  These beautiful birds are usually portrayed in their flight while zipping the nectar from flowers and smelling their fragrance.

The arrays of colors that explode from the hummingbirds along with the beauty of flowers that are eye-catching make them suitable for ladies.  You may want to ask what a hummingbird design represents.  In the modern culture, the hummingbird does not represent any strong symbolism.

Woman with hummingbird honeysuckle tattoo on her left arm wearing a black singlet.

As far as meanings are concerned, hummingbird tattoo meaning has no match with the eagle which means strength and courage, or even with the pigeon which represents peace and love.  But when it comes to their physical attributes, hummingbirds boast of specific advantages.  They have the ability to flap their wings as quick as 90 times per second.

Also, their heartbeat can reach up to 1,260 beats in a minute.  This is the reason why they possess the highest rate of metabolism among other animals, and they are able to consume energy which is equivalent to 8 times their body weight on a daily basis.  Hummingbirds are known to be the only kinds of birds that have the ability to fly in different directions.

This means that they can fly upside down, backwards, forwards, left or right, which is much superior than the pigeon or the eagle if they are made to compete with each other.  With these facts, we can say now that the hummingbird tattoo meanings represent uniqueness, enthusiasm, energy and effort.  If there’s any doubt about this, then the Aztecs will confirm these meanings.

A flying hummingbird with Hawaiian flower tattoo on girl's upper ankle.

In the ancient times, the people of Aztecs worshipped the hummingbird.  Their god with the name Huitzilopochtli meaning “left-handed hummingbird” was recognized as their god of sun and war.  The Aztecs used to wear talismans that represent the hummingbird, and at times, these talismans were even made from the body parts of hummingbird.

Those who sported the talisman were believed to absorb the special traits of hummingbirds such as dedication to work, strong energy and vigor.  So, if you decide to embed a hummingbird tattoo design on your skin, the hummingbird tattoo meanings could well speak of qualities embodied in the talisman.