Creative Feather Tattoos

Designs of Feather Tattoos that Look Great on Your Body…

One of the most unique tat designs that only a few people prefer to engrave on their bodies Girl with feather tattoo at the right side of her lower back wears a short jeans.are feather tattoos.  These tat designs are very meaningful and can be placed in any part of your body.  Whether you opt for a lone tattoo or several tattoos of this type, they still signify different meanings such as freedom, creativity and spirituality.

You can even have tattoo designs of feathers from a variety of birds that you want.  Many tat enthusiasts prefer to embed an eagle or a peacock on their skins because these birds are symmetrical and attractive.  These tattoos are associated commonly with several Native American cultures, where specific kinds of birds like egret, ostrich plume, and eagle among others, were regarded as strong or holy and their feathers symbolize their descriptions.

Woman with a small and cute feather tattoo on her left wrist.Eagle feather tattoos are treated as sacred in the olden times, and they were usually worn by men in great power such as the elders, healers and chieftains in tribes.  So, if you have this kind of tattoo in these modern times, it can be interpreted as strong leadership and the ability to uphold power among men.  Below you’ll find some of the feather tat designs that you can choose from to engrave on your skin.

You can select a very simple design of a feather or a complicated one along with other options according to your desire.  You can make a style in your own way, and create Celtic tat designs or shaded feathers out of them.  Having a simple feather drawn with a lion or a fox on the side can result into an attractive tat design at the back of your ear since it’s just a tiny design but visible enough to attract attention.

an amazing small feather tattoo on middle finger.One beautiful way to have your feather tattoos embedded is having a cross along with 2 feathers of an eagle drawn on each side that signify spirituality in a natural way.  If your roots are from Native American culture, or you are a fan of it, you can have this tattoo for yourself with the face of a chieftain sporting a traditional hat made of feathers on his head.

You also have the option to select a peacock feather tat design printed with attractive colors like green and blue.  If you combine these tattoos with other patterns such as simple circle designs, beads, birds, hearts or flowers, there’s no doubt that you can create a unique feather tattoos design.  Since feathers are the absolute distinguishing mark of a bird, then, each kind of bird can be identified according to its feathers.

Girl with feather tattoos at the back of her right ear on the seaside.

So, if you get a peacock tattoo with its feathers engraved at your back or arm, they can be one of the best tattoos that you would ever have.  These tat designs are a great choice for those planning to have a tattoo etched on their skin for the first time, and prefer ones that are unique in design.  One great option of feather tattoos that are eye-catching is to have a phoenix drawn on your arm or at your back.