Beautiful Feminine Bird Tattoos

Small flying hummingbird with a red Hawaiian flower tattoo design on girl's forearm.Feminine Bird Tattoos, the Choice of Many Women…

Why are feminine bird tattoos becoming more popular nowadays?  A lot of tattoo enthusiasts are interested to have this kind of tattoo because they appreciate the qualities of a person that bird tattoos symbolize like hope, power, strength, gentleness and freedom.  These traits make an individual feel inner peace and sense of calmness.

This is exactly the reason why these tattoos have maintained its popularity for many years and perhaps, they will stay forever since they are one of the favorites in the world of modern tattooing.  Aside from their artistic appeal, they also remain popular because of their great meanings.  For women, birds are beautiful and lovable creatures that fascinate them.

A herd of tiny birds tattoo on a girl's right shoulder.

With their symbolic meanings like peace, freedom, flying ability and a bridge between heaven and earth, feminine bird tattoos will always win the hearts of tattoo lovers, and become the favorite of many people across the globe.  If you are interested to embed this kind of tattoo on your skin, this article will provide you with some tat ideas about the different types of bird tats, and the meaning that they symbolize.

Among the kinds of bird tattoos that you can find in online galleries, the most popular is the graceful hummingbird.  Being a tiny bird that hums pleasantly, it is a favorite bird of many women throughout the world.  Since hummingbirds have the habit of hovering above the beautiful flowers that are multi-colored, this inspires a lot of tattoo artists to make designs out of this scene.

A simple pair of sparrow tattoo at woman's upper back.

The hummingbirds have always been associated with women having delicate femininity and beauty.  That is why feminine bird tattoo designs are symbolic of women’s intuition, giving birth to a new life, and absolute freedom.  The small, colorful body of the hummingbird is greatly adored by a lot of women because of its perfect symbolism associated with women’s femininity and gentleness.

In the Old Testament, the sparrow is considered as the icon of loneliness and solitude, whereas the New Testament portrays it as a symbol of insignificance and lowliness.  However, in Greek mythology, this bird is related to Aphrodite, the goddess, which means fertility.  Because of its being sociable in nature, the sparrow is symbolic of loyalty.

A purity white dove tattoo design at girl's upper back.

Another popular type of feminine bird tattoos is the swallow which symbolizes spring, fertility and renewed life.  In Africa, this bird carries the quality of being pure while in China, a tat design portraying 2 swallows means marital happiness.  Next is the dove that signifies purity, gentleness, innocence of soul and peace.  Two doves that go together mean fidelity and strong marital bond.

A pair of crane tattoo enbedded on sexy girl's belly.

The swan connotes being submissive and trustworthy, and in Greek mythology, it has a relationship to the goddess Venus.  The kind of bird that is known to deliver the babies is called stork, that is why it is related to birth and spring.  Parrots symbolize fertility and spring also, as well as great imitators because of their ability to mimic voices.

In Hinduism, the parrot is being linked to rainmaking, prophecy, love and Karma.  With these great ideas on feminine bird tattoos, you can now finalize your choice to get started.