Bird Tattoos

Creative photo of hummingbird tattoo.This site aims to provide you with relevant information on getting bird tattoo designs.  So far, it has being one of the latest fashions in tattooing art.  As you read below, you’ll come across different bird tattoo designs and their corresponding meanings.  These kinds of tattoos are somewhat related to some of the most interesting meanings in the body art.

Since time immemorial, the bird has been used to symbolize the human soul, and frequently related to the Divine in different cultures worldwide.  During the ancient times, birds were often brought by the warriors in battles to help them Bird stencil drawingsdefeat their enemies, as well as dragons and monsters.  The bird was usually used to go first in the battleground, and check the situation before the warriors would enter the area.

It would warn the troupe of any danger awaiting them on the battleground.  This made the bird tattoo design a popular tat for warriors.  By nature, birds are associated frequently with religion, supernatural or magic.  The designs and drawings of birds have been discovered in many places, flying in the Egyptian crypts of mummies, to the designs made in the costumes of Arapaho Indians.

It’s not surprising to note that the Judeo-Christian portrayal of cherubs and angels shows wings of birds.  You will notice that in tattoo designs, 2 birds are usually shown with each other; one with a dark color, and the other one in light.  This signifies the dual personality of nature such as sadness versus happiness, the dark and the light, etc.

Two matching swallow tattoos with different colors on hands.

This duality is portrayed at times in bird tattoo designs like a bird and a snake, representing the good and the evil.  Granting that there are other interpretations of bird designs, but in general, they are still related to specific tat meanings.  Green roaster tattoo sample.Some of these meanings may possess sexual implications, just like in China where the term bird or “niao” refers to bird species, while the duality of this meaning which is “cock“, or rooster can be traced back to the old Rome.

The images of birds are also associated to the mind, with negative implication like “bird’s brain” which is regarded as an insult in several Western cultures, and the term “has a bird” means quite insane in Germany.  However, in general, these things are not assumed by people if you have a bird tat on your body, unless you inform them.

For many years in the past, bird tattoo designs including other animals have been used as inspiration for engraving tats.  The reason here is that most of animals and birds have their own specific meaning which is given by man.  While these meanings are only created by humans, you can consider them as realistic and not only fantasy since they are based on the special features that these animals and birds have.

Focusing our discussion on bird tattoos, they are considered to symbolize meanings related to mythology, which differ from 1 country to another.  You might think that bird tattoos always mean good things, yes to some degree, but you’ll realize some exceptions such as vulture tattoos.  Therefore, it makes sense to know the exact meaning of the bird Scary vulture tattoo design.tat that you want to embed before you finalize your decision to have it.

Otherwise, you may be having the wrong image on your body with a weird meaning.  You should choose a bird tattoo design that fits your personality, and not just get it because you want the image of a bird.  Here are some interesting birds tats that you can choose to adopt, along with their precise meanings.

Dove Tattoos
dove cherry tattoo designsFirst is the dove tattoo which has gained an immense popularity these days.  It has a worldwide meaning that refers to hope and peace.  This bird tattoo also has a Biblical meaning saying that it was the one which brought the branch of twig tree to Noah, during the “Great Flood”, signifying that the flood was over, so everyone in the ark could walk on the land.

Aside from that, the bird tattoo design also represents the Holy Spirit. Moreover, the dove also symbolizes love for the land and humanity.  However, the dove tattoo is also known to have unpopular meaning like the one saying that the dove signifies death.  This is the one representing the journey of a dead person’s soul from the earth on the way to heaven.

But whatever you choose as meaning, all of dove tattoos meanings are associated to peace and nobility that is why they are not considered to be biased in one gender alone.  In other words, these tattoos are applicable to both men and women.

Eagle Tattoos
When it comes to eagle tattoos, they are very popular among men.  They are believed to signify strength, courage and independence. Referring to the American eagle bird tattoo design, it symbolizes honor, spiritual enhancement and patriotism.  You may be aware that a bald eagle is recognized as the country’s national symbol, and it is related to freedom.

Samples of flying eagle tattoos.

Swallow Bird Tattoos
Now, we come to the popular swallow tattoos which portray the image of small birds which are known to be strong.  These birdies are recognized by sailors as symbols for safe landing. These meanings are very interesting compared to other birds.  It is said that a swallow is a devoted partner because when it selects one, they remain as a couple for the rest of their lives.

various swallow bird tattoo designs.

Hummingbird Tattoos
Speaking of hummingbird tattoos, you’ll find them mostly among the girls.  These birds are said to possess supernatural power, that a person having a dead hummingbird wrapped around his neck would have the ability to lure the opposite sex easily. Hummingbird tattoo design also symbolizes happy-thinking and energy.  So, if you’re looking for a cute tat that has a bit of sensual meaning, you can get a hummingbird tattoo design.  You can have it embedded on your wrist where it would look attractive to the opposite sex.

Different types of colorful hummingbird tattoo designs.

Other Popular Bird Tattoo Designs
If you want other kinds of bird tattoo designs, you can choose from Bird of Paradise, Birds of Prey that include vultures, hawks and falcons, as well as Sparrow tattoos and Peacock tattoos.